Sasanika - Team

Mehrnoush Soroush

Mehrnoush Soroush earned her MA in Architecture from the University of Tehran, Iran, with an emphasis on the management and rehabilitation of historic urban quarters. After graduation, she worked in cultural heritage projects in Iran before starting her PhD at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World of New York University, in 2009. Her general interest is in the history and archaeology of Western Asia in the historical periods up to early Islamic period. Her focus is irrigated landscapes of Mesopotamia and Iran in these periods. For her PhD, she studies the development of the irrigated landscape of the Mian-ab Plain (Shushtar), southwest of Iran, in the Late Antique-Early Islamic periods. Given her background as an architect and as a cultural heritage consultant, she maintains an interest in management, safeguarding and presentation of heritage sites as well as in the urban archaeological landscapes and historic cities.