Husraw i Kawadan and Redag

Samra Azarnouche
Azarnouche, Samra (ed.). 2013. Husraw ī Kawādān ud Rēdag-ē: Khosrow fils de Kawād et un page. (Studia Iranica 49). Paris: Association pour l’Avancement des Études Iraniennes.
Our knowledge about the education of the Sasanian nobility and their courtly manners is mainly provided by the Pahlavi text entitled Husraw i Kawadan ud Redag-e “Khosrow, son of Kawad, and a page”. In this volume, we present a new edition and commentary of the text, based on the manuscript MK, including for the first time a translation in French. This dialogical narrative tells the story of a young servant at the court of the Sasanian king Khosrow I (531-579 A.D.), who succeeded in regaining his hierarchic rank because of both his wisdom and his courage. This “manifesto” of aristocratic education appears in the form of numerous lexical lists, a form suitable for a detailed philological analysis.