A Bibliography of Sasanian and Arab-Sasanian Numismatics (1793-2010)

The following article attempts to provide a comprehensive bibliography of Sasanian and Arab‐Sasanian numismatics for the past two centuries. This collaborative work was undertaken by Daryaee who collected the initial list during his stay at the American Numismatic Society, NY and by Gariboldi who is a numismatist and current on numismatic literature from Ravenna. The bibliography not only includes the works published in the West, but also from the Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, India and China. Because of the diversity and sheer number of Sasanian coinage, they have been the object of fascination, accumulation and study for the past two centuries.

Bibliography of Late Antique East Iran

Important Primary and Secondary Sources for the Study of the Eastern Iranian lands during  Late Antiquity.

Selected Bibliography – Primary Textual Sources

An invaluable collection of primary sources for  Sasanian – Roman relations.These sources include those from the following texts: Dodgeon, M.H. and Lieu, S.N.C., The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars (AD 226-363), A Documentary History, Routledge, London and New York, 1991. This is followed by G. Greatrex and S.N.C. Lieu, The Roman Easter Frontier and the Persian Wars (AD 363-630), Part II, Routledge, London and New York, 2002.