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Inscriptions - Sasanika


Wahrām / Narseh Inscripiton at Bēšāpūr (NVŠ)

This is an inscription in Bēšāpūr which was initially inscribed by the order of Wahrām, showing him receiving the diadem of rulership from his father. However, when Narsē came to the throne, he replaced Wahrām’s name with that of his own. Narsē had been bypassed by...

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Bēšāpur Šāpūr II Memorial Inscription (BŠm)

This memorial inscription from the late Sasanian period is placed in the victory relief of Šāpūr I against the Romans (Bēšapūr II). The inscription is between the horse of Šāpūr and the Roman figure. The only person who has deciphered the inscription is MacKenzie,...

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Šābuhr Sakānšāh Inscription at Persepolis (ŠPs-I)

This is one of the two Middle Persian inscriptions from the time of Šāpūr II’s rule at Persepolis. This first inscription is from the second year of the reign of Šāpūr II. Based on this inscription we may understand that Šāpūr II had defeated his eastern foes and...

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Abnūn Inscription from the Time of Šāpūr I (ŠAb)

A fire-alter was found at the site of Barm-e Delak which carries a much discussed and translated Middle Persian inscription. The date of the inscription is mentioned to be from the third year of Šāpūr I, which if we are to follow Frye, it would be 243/4 CE, when...

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Mehr-Narseh Inscription at Firuzabad (MNFd)

This inscription is by a bridge in the province of Persis/Pārs (Firuzabad), which was constructed by the order of the Wuzurg Framadār, Mehr-Narseh in the fifth century CE. The bridge has now collapsed and its remnants are seen along with this inscription. Building...

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Šāpūr I’s Inscription at Hajjiābād (ŠH)

Among the early Sasanian inscriptions, this is one of the more interesting in terms of the subject matter. It shows some early notions of heroism and manliness which we find with Šāpūr I. The subject is the arrow which Šāpūr I has shot and the way the event is told...

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Šāpūr I’s Inscription at Bēšāpūr (ŠBa)

This is an important inscription for dating the commencement of the Sasanian Empire. The inscription on a column was worked on by R. Ghirshman in the Winter 1935/6. However, it was O. Hansen who provided a good translation of the inscription. One should mention that...

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Šāpūr I’s Inscription at Naqš-e Rajab (ŠNRb)

This is one of early inscriptions of Šāpūr I which is set below one of his rock relief. He is shown along with an array of nobles accompanying him, while he is on his horse. This relief is couched next to three others which include that of the Zoroastrian priest,...

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Ardaxšīr & Ohrmazd at Naqš-e Rostam (ANRm-a&b)

This is the earliest inscription and perhaps the shortest left by the founder of the Sasanian dynasty. The inscription matches that which appears on his coinage, with the addition of the mention of his father, Pābag. There are coins which portray Ardaxšīr and Pābag...

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