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The Romance of Artaban and Artašir in Agathangelos’ History

The Armenian History by Agathangelos written in the mid‐5th century and nar‐rating about
the conversion of Armenia to Christianity in the early fourth century was soon translated into Greek
and other languages: Arabic, Old Russian, and Georgian. There also exist shorter re¬cen¬sions
(known as The Life of St. Gregory) in Karshuni, Ethio‐pian, Coptic, Greek, Georgian, Latin, and
Arabic. The Greek version of the History is extant in nine manuscripts dating from the 8th‐12th cc.
Only one of them, kept in the Laurentian library of Florence, Plut. VII, cod. Gr. 25 (12th c.), contains
nine initial para‐graphs absent from the Armenian original and from the other recensions.