Archeological Reports

Sasanian Vaults

Morvarid Mazhari Motlagh, Tarbiat Modaress University, Tehran

There is no information available on the history of architecture and construction of vaults in the structure of buildings: however with men leaving the caves and establishing buildings it should have some applications in the past. Among the primitive vaults in the Iranian architecture we can mention the mass grave of Teppe Ahar in Haft Tappeh within the ancient time of the art of the medieval Elam about 1400 B.C. and the temple (Ziggurat) of Choghazanbil in the town of Dor-Antash (12th, 13th centuries B.C.) in Khuzestan province. Meanwhile, a Median fortress has been discovered at the Noushijan valley, near Hamedan which has a fireplace with a veranda and oval and barrel vaults constructed on the basis of technical and mathematical principles (Zomarshidi, 1994: 3-4).