Graduate Papers

Persian Occupation of Egypt 619-629: Politics and Administration of Sasanians

Saeid Jalalipour, California State University, Fullerton

The last great war of Late Antiquity was fought between the Persians and the Romans in the beginning of the seventh century.  After the death of the Roman emperor Maurice by the usurper Phocas in 602 C.E., the Persian king Khusro II attacked the Byzantine Empire to avenge the death of his benefactor.  Even though the usurper was killed by the new Roman emperor, Heraclius in 610 C.E., the Persians kept advancing into the Roman territory and conquered and pillaged it.  Antioch, Damascus, Jerusalem and Egypt all fell into the hands of Sasanians.Finally, Heraclius organized an army and set out and defeated the Persians by 628 C.E.  The Persian king, Khusro II, was slain by his own son Kavad II and the new king sued for peace and gave back all the conquered territories of Anatolia, Syria, Palestine and Egypt to the Romans.