Archeological Reports

Julian: A Newly Discovered Fire-Temple in Ābdānān

Translated by:
Greg Watson

The highland district of Ābdānān is located in the southern portion of Ilam province. It is dominated by the mountain of Kabir‐Kuh which stands over it like a massive wall. In 2001, a team from the Archaeological Department of Bu‐Ali Sina University conducted a regional survey of this area. In total, 51 archeological sites were identified during this ground‐breaking survey. The site of the city of Julian is one of the most remarkable of these. The newly‐discovered Julian chahartaq is a fire temple belonging to the Sasanid era. Like many other fire temples of that time, Julian was built with stone and plaster mortar. This chahartaq is the surviving part of the heart of a larger structure, and consists of four stone wall and piers of different sizes surrounded by an ambulatory passageway.