Archeological Reports

Archaeological Excavations in the So-Called “Palace of Sāsān” at Sarvestān, Fars

Ali-Reza Askari Chāverdi, University of Shiraz, Iran

Sarvestān is a township en route from Shirāz to Dārāb. This township serves as the first reststop along the route from Shirāz to eastern Fārs, some 65 km to the east of Shirāz. Both Shirāz and Sarvestān are located in one the more fertile NW‐SE plains in the southern Zagros Mountains. The large Mahārlou Lake (also known as the “Salt Lake”) is located in the middle of this plain. The water from streams in Shiraz flow into the northern parts of the latter lake. The Mahārlou Lake divides the plain into two northern and southern parts. The city of Shirāz is located in the northern half and the township of Sarvestān in the southern part, some 20 km to the southeast of the Lake.